Sissel Tolaas

Sissel Tolaas

Sissel Tolaas

Sissel Tolaas (NO/DE) is an artist working with smell.

The Norwegian artist Sissel Tolaas lives in Berlin. She studied visual art, chemical science and mathematics at the art academies of Bergen, Warsaw, and Poznan, the universities of Oslo, Moscow and St. Petersburg and at Oslo's Royal Academy of Art and received many national and international scholarships. Sissel teaches in several academies and universities and frequently contributes to conferences. She has exhibited extensively in Europe, America and the Far East.

Since 1992, Sissel has been working on smell within different art forms. Her collaborative projects include Perfume/Smell in space/architecture and projects in co-operation with Comme des Garçons, Paris. Sissel is on the board of advisors and/or consultant for Daimler Chrysler Future Lab; Nightingale Associates Ltd, London; International Flavour and Fragrance, New York; Olfactory Research Fund Ltd. New York; and the European Institute of Oncology.

Founder of International Flavors and Fragrances re_searchLab Berlin, a project she presents and demonstrates is the smell of FEAR, bringing samples of body odors of men in fear, which she distilled for her project the FEAR of smell - the smell of FEAR exhibited at MIT List Visual Arts Center.

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