Siuli K.O.

Siuli K.O.

Siuli K.O.

Siuli K.O. is a DJ.



Siuli is from Den Haag and has been active in the dance-scene since its beginnings. One of a small team she organized the famous Acid Planet parties in the Blauwe Aanslag squat in the early 90s (related to Unit Moebius and the Bunker label). Later she started up the underground label Grijs, with the goal to release artists who would not get a chance elsewhere due to their boundary-pushing music and she initiated the informal import, distribution and selling of underground labels, previously not available in the Dutch shops. Besides she has been active as a DJ in the 90s on the underground scene. She works mainly as dance promotor for Industrial Funk events and coordinator of independent labels Grijs and Nocturnal State. Siuli recently made her re-entry on the scene as a DJ, as ever against the flow but always true to the dance floor, playing an ever wicked party mix of dark electro bass and London style breaks and beats.


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