Sonia Mangiapane

Sonia Mangiapane is a photomedia artist.

Sonia Mangiapane is a photomedia artist, employing media and processes defined primarily by their use of light, as opposed to the exclusive use of the camera. Working with a range of camera-based and cameraless processes she approaches the expanded field of photography as a medium of light writing, rather than purely a medium of representation. Guided by her fascination with the physical properties and ethereal qualities of light she explores concepts relating to journey, place and notions of time.

In 2020 she received a Master of Arts in Fine Art & Design: Lens-Based Media from the Department of Lens-Based Media,  Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam.

Her thesis 'wa/onderings: expanded notions of light, space + time in photomedia' can be found here.

More: snmngpn.com

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