Stacey Spiegel

Stacey Spiegel

Stacey Spiegel

Stacey Spiegel (CA) is an artist and new media visionary.

Stacey Spiegel is an artist whose thesis on the 'mechanization of nature; informs his multidisciplinary work: his sculptures, new media installations and computer-based artworks have been exhibited internationally, they are included in both public and private collections, and have won him a number of significant awards.

Spiegel had to artist-in-residences at the ZKM (Karlsruhe), at the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology, or the Banff Centre, Alberta. He has been a fellow at the Centre For Advanced Visual Study at the MIT, Boston, and was Adjunct Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Toronton during 1992-97. He is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Software Engineering and Game Design at McMaster University, Ontario.

Spiegel started collaborating with designer/software inventor Rodney Hoinkes in creating digital installations for DEAF95 and 96, Ars Electronica, Electra or MultiMediale. In 1997, he also published Landscape of Memory in the V2_ publication Interfacing Realities.

In 1997, they founded Immersion Studios (then I-mmersion), a forerunner in social computing, and a world-leading producer of group interactive, immersive experiences, that would explore the potential of interactive films, theaters and classrooms, and win a number of prestigious awards and prizes. In 2007, they re-created themselves as Parallel World Labs, a term describing the expanding, ubiquitous universe of the networked world and its interconnectedness. Their goal is to create 'social spaces' in the real and the virtual worlds.

In 2007, Spiegel was named the Artistic Director of the Rockheim Museum. He is also Director of Industry Relations at the Center for Advanced Media Research in Amsterdam CAMeRA.


Parallel World Labs: http://www.pwlabs.com/home.html

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