Stefan Muenker

Stefan Münker

Stefan Muenker

Stefan Münker (DE) is a mediatheorist and philosopher.

Stefan Münker is a philosopher, cultural editor and writer who co-founded the philosophische praxis berlin and the online-magazine Telepolis. He has worked as a TV/radio host, journalist, translator, and event organizer. 

Münker's main fields are media theory and contemporary philosophy, which he teaches at the University of Basel; and on which he publishes with Alexander Roesler: Mythos Internet (1997), Televisionen (1999), Telefonbuch (2000), Praxis Internet (2002), Medienphilosophie (2003), Was ist ein Medium? (2008), Fernsehexperimente (2008). Münker wrote the introductory essay for V2_'s Interfacing Realities (1997).


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