Steffen Armbruster

Steffen works in the field of immersive spacial media installations.

Steffen works in the field of immersive spacial media installations. Since many years he is responsible for the production of numerous visual installations world wide. He produced for Q-Bus the 360 ° interactive realtime installation for Deutsche Telekom at the IFA in Berlin. During his time at Tamschick Media & Space he was responsible for such projects as the installations in the Swiss Pavilion at the World Expo in Korea, the 360° installation on top of the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, the interaktive media installation for the Wu Kingdom Helv Relics Museum in Wuxi/China and many more. 

While working at dan pearlman markenarchitektur he produced installations and films for Lufthansa, BMW, Mont Blanc, Mini and others. In 2014 he had the idea of a immersive installation based just on sound, to connect space and audience by sound. As he could not find such a system, he worked on that idea until, in 2015, he found the company FRAMED immersive projects to develop the system usomo. usomo makes it possible to give each user a unique sound experience depending on his actual position and orientation in space. 

Since summer of 2016 the system is ready to be used and Steffen works with creatives and artists on several projects in different countries. Projects Steffen was responsible for where rewarded with numerous prizes such as the IF Communication Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, ADC Award, Award of the New York Film Festival, German Design Award. 

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