Steven Jouwersma

Steven Jouwersma (with 'The fantastic sound of a fighter jet'); photo: basisforliveart.com

Steven Jouwersma

Steven Jouwersma (NL/BE) is a media artist and musician.

Steven Jouwersma is a media artist and musician. He studied Interactive Media and Environments at the Frank Mohr Institute (MA) in Groningen. In 2007 he graduated with an installation of nine electronic organs: Borgeltron. His Dia-Exit-installation has amongst others been shown at the Tschumi-Pavillion in Groningen and at V2_ in Rotterdam.


Steven Jouwersma’s work is about music and technology. He creates models of participation with which he researches the social and cultural context of a specific place. In Cameroon he started the first Metal band of the country, stepping into the local music scene with this intervention, to imagine how a global urban village would look like.

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