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Tagny Duff

Tagny Duff (CA) is an interdisciplinary artist and the founder/director of Fluxmedia.

Tagny Duff is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, educator and independent curator, who has exhibited worldwide. She expresses herself through interventions, performances, performance lectures, video, net.art and mobile works that are created collaboratively and through a network. Montreal-based Fluxmedia is a research-creation network, located at Concordia University, is made up of artists, scholars, graduate students and research labs engaged with interdisciplinary research across art and the life sciences, including biology, digital and electronic media art, art/sci and transdisciplinary art practices.

Tagny Duff's current SSHRC funded research looks at the intersection of media and visual culture, with a specific interest in the conceptual, metaphoric and applied use of viruses and the viral. By working hands-on with biotechnology and scientific techniques, Duff is interested in demystifying and making public, the use, creation and cultural perceptions of the viral. Recent projects include Cryobook Archives (2009) and The Living Viral Tattoos (2008), a series of sculptures made from human ex-plant tissue and synthetic biological retroviruses.

Published articles include Going Viral. Performance and documentation in the science laboratory (2009), Codpieces Revisited: Time, Migration and Duration (2008) and FFWD, RWD and Play: Performance art, video and reflections on feminism in Vancouver 1973-1983 (2004). Tagny Duff is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University, Montreal.


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