Thecla  Schiphorst

Thecla Schiphorst (foto © Jan Sprij)

Thecla Schiphorst

Thecla Schiphorst (CA) integrates performance and computing in her work.

Media artist, choreographer, dancer, and computer systems designer and Associate Professor in the Computer Arts and Design Sciences Program at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Her formal education and training in computing science and dance form the interdisciplinary basis of her work, which integrates models of scientific representation with experiential physical practices and methodologies.

This background in performance and computing forms the basis for her research which focuses on embodied interaction, sense-making, and the aesthetics of interaction. She is particularly interested in the poetic forms that cultivate affect, materiality and experience-modeling within human computer interaction.

A recipient of the 1998 PetroCanada award in New Media, her media art installations have been exhibited internationally.

Thecla Schiphorst leads the "whisper[s] research group", which stands for: wearable, handheld, intimate, sensory, personal, expressive, responsive systems. 



Thecla Schiphorst participated in the Test_Lab: Dancing Around Technology on February 27, 2007.

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