Theo Deutinger

Theo Deutinger [Jan Sprij 2010]

Theo Deutinger

Theo Deutinger (AT/NL) is an architect, infographer, and principal of TD.

Austrian architect and urban planner Theo Deutinger, head and founder of TD Architects, is also an urban mapping expert. Distilled from a mix of architecture, research, visualization and conceptual thinking, he creates the series Snapshots of Globalization, impressive maps and information visualizations representing a 'guerrilla' perspective of the world (or any of its inter-connected aspect) in the latest phase of globalization.

TD's worldmaps are frequently published in the magazines Mark, Pasajes and Vrij Nederland; and his work has been exhibited on various occasions, such as Archilab 2008, Work Now at Z33, Hasslet, Belgium or the Ostrale in Dresden.

Theo Deutinger graduated from the Technical University Graz, Austria; then worked for MDRVD Architects, West 8 and OMA/AMO, before founding TD and co-founding STAR. He has published widely, and is keeping teaching and workshop engagements all of over Europe.


Theo Deutinger will open the Test_Lab: The Invisible City, on July 8, 2010.


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