Tobias Revell

Tobias Revell is a designer and artist.

Tobias Revell was born in a Hampshire town built around a system of roundabouts in late 1986. His second ever memory is gazing at a tropical fish tank in the bar of a Welsh bed and breakfast while the room crowded with adults watching the fall of the Berlin Wall on the one small television available. His first memory involves filling the doors of a Porsche with sand.

He holds a BA Hons. (1st) in Design for Interaction and Moving Image from the London College of Communication and an MA in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art from which he graduated in July 2012. As well as being an internationally exhibiting artist, he's an associate designer at Superflux, tutor in Design for Interaction and Moving Image at LCC, visiting tutor with MA Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art and a researcher for ARUP's Foresight and Innovation in London.

He's obsessive over select periods of human history which he learns in an entirely non-sequential order. Other passions and neuroses include; mystery, lost history, theoretical physics, explaining theoretical physics, word games, objectivity in conspiracy theories, failed architecture, cryptozoology, unexplained phenomena, forgotten events, music, paradoxes, video games, clever jokes and cycling, He's only ever seen one complete football match.


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