Tom Donaldson

Tom Donaldson

Tom Donaldson

Tom Donaldson (GB) is an engineer and inventor.

After graduating from Cambridge University with a Masters of Engineering, specializing in electronics and information theory, Tom Donaldson joined a corporation creating breakthrough new products for major blue chip corporations. After his stint there, Donaldson felt it was time to explore the more experimental realms of technology innovation. He moved to New York as an inventor/artist, where he explored new areas of technology-led storytelling, including a subconsciously interactive film system, an enhanced-reality gaming system, and haptic artworks.

Donaldson has recently been working in the mobile Internet industry. He created a mobile Internet service nominated as the best consumer application in annual industry awards. He has founded an artificial intelligence software company, delivering highly personalized user-experiences in the web and mobile worlds, and is recognized as an industry-leader in personalization. 

Tom has worked as an inventor for Nike, Speedo, Procter & Gamble, and Johnson & Johnson. His first foray into mobile software was through CTNY, a New York based company. He created a multi-platform mobile email service, ThinAir, spun-out as ThinAirApps and sold to Palm, Inc. He created Escape Velocity, a UK based start-up AI software company that launched Sessami, the UK's first mobile entertainment channel. In collaboration, he produced Medulla Intimata, responsive video jewelry. He is creating a rapid-prototyping environment for outdoor, mobile, sensor-based content at the Banff New Media Institute. 


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