Tomasz Jaskiewicz

Tomasz Jaskiewicz

Tomasz Jaskiewicz

Tomasz Jaskiewicz (PL) is an architect, urban designer, academic researcher and educator.

After finishing his undergraduate studies in Architecture and Urban Planning at TU Gdansk in Poland, he joined the Hyperbody group at TU Delft in the Netherlands. There, in 2005, he obtained his Master of Science degree in Architecture, with a thesis on a real-time participatory urban planning toolkit Paracity and he worked as leading researcher on a series of Protospace Demo projects, investigating novel applications of computational techniques and interfaces to participatory and collaborative architectural and urban design. In following years he joined the architecture firm ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd] where he worked as architect and project manager, bringing much of his earlier studies to practice. In 2007 he has started his PhD research at TU Delft, in which, supervised by prof. Kas Oosterhuis, he focuses on the application of multi-agent models to creation of evolving interactive architectural ecosystems. Next to his research, he also works as an academic teacher, most recently having initiated and coordinated the interdisciplinary undergraduate minor programme "Interactive Environments."

In all his projects, Tomasz transgresses the boundaries between conventionally established disciplines and practices. He explores new paths leading towards creation of architecture becoming a complex adaptive system. In this way, he aspires to produce artificial spatial ecologies operating in a pro-active symbiosis with their human inhabitants and with the natural environment.


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