Ulrike Gabriel

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Ulrike Gabriel

Ulrike Gabriel (DE) is an artist.

Ulrike Gabriel (1964) investigates human reality and its perception/construction focusing on generative systems. Her work includes VR environments, robotics, installations, collective online spaces, community projects, lyric machines and performative live formats. She has developed interactive works that use breathing, the movements of the eye and other aspects of the human body as a direct interface.

Ulrike Gabriel co-founded the laboratory Codelab, Berlin (in Residence at Podewil), and was it's Director for some period (2000-2002). She worked in ecological agriculture in Argentina (2003-2006) and as professor at the University of Art and Design HfG Offenbach where she led the teaching area of Electronic Media and developed a teaching of time- and process-based formats in the fine arts (2008-2012). Ulrike studied Philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilian University (1983–1985) and Painting and Applied Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich (1985–1990). Following that she was a post-graduate at the Institute for New Media at the Städelschule, Frankfurt (1991–1993). She has participated in various residency programs including: Helicopterlab, Eurocopter Germany, Messerschmitt Bölkow Blom (1990); Canon Artlab, Tokyo (1993); and V2-Organisatie, Rotterdam (1996–1998). 


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