Velimir Abramovic

Velimir Abramovic

Velimir Abramovic

Velimir Abramovic (YU/NL) is a philosopher and Tesla expert.

Velimir Abramovic was since 1988 affiliated as professor with the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (University of Belgrade), where he taught Philosophy of Art, Aesthetics and Film Theory, and with The Center for Multidisciplinary Studies, where he taught the post graduate course: Space and Time in philosophy and Natural Sciences.

He is founder of the Tesla Society (1992) and Editor in Chief of the Tesliana Scientific Journal (1993). 

His main interests focus on the ontology of time, the nature of creative process and system analysis. Velimir Abramovic is a member of the 'American Philosophical Association', and founder and director of CAT (NGO for research in Time and Consciousness). He currently lives in Amsterdam.


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