Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou

Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher.

Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou (GR, 1992) is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher. Her practice has been informed by her interests in media histories, environmental realities and care-full curiosity. Since 2016 she has been occupied as a researcher for Sonic Acts (Amsterdam,NL), a festival which reflects on the (ecological, technological, social, artistic) challenges in the age of the Anthropocene. In 2017 she initiated the experimental publication and distribution project oneacre.online that explores and critically evaluates visions and versions of power systems by tracing the politics and poetics of technological infrastructures.

Her artistic practice has been following the methodologies and traditions of expanded cinema, looking closely into networks and systems to locate entry points, to “expand the system” and allow possibilities for discovery of alternative instances and experiences. But rather than staying solemnly with video or film, attempting to apply this “expansive” methodology to other media like publications or digital objects, using those instances to create moments for media to entangle with other media presentations and spectatorships. Making films that require from the viewer the engagement of a book, books that allow the reader the participatory navigation of a website, and websites that demand the spectatorship of a traditional cinematic experience.

Thematically much of her work make uses of this “expansive” intermedia practices to assemble and communicate, a sensitivity towards noticing, an understanding, an education in attention. The works could be thought as gestures or nudges towards caring deeply and engaging mindfully as the world is full of potential knowledge sites. Possibly found in unconventional places like the side of the road, blending into the surrounding grey, tentatively "discovered" on page 44 of Volume 33 of Project and Site Description HKN; Appendix C, Boundaries and Coordinates - version August 15, 2019 (Word file). Of Human or more-than-human authorship, like the “HARMFUL/ TOXIC TO BE CAREFULLY DISPOSED” bin of the Eye Filmmusuem Archive or the 11 000 old hill that has always been island.


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