Woody Vasulka

Woody Vasulka (CZ/US) is an artist who pioneered early extended cinema.

Woody Vasulka was born in Czechoslovakia. After studying engineering, he worked as director of short films. In 1965 he went to the United States and started collaborating with his wife Steina. As founder of a media theater The Kitchen (1971) and maker of extended, cinematic videos, Woody Vasulka was investigating what he called the new epistemic space, modes of interactivity between the participants and the technology as communication of gestures, voice, sound, speech and music. In 1974, he taught at New York State University and did research on computer graphics. Since then he has published a number of taped works, computer graphics and video installation works on the international scene. His works, created with an engineer's hands, show a high degree of perfection. Designed in an interactive style, many works send a strong message of their own. Woody Vasulka is one of the leading international figures in the media art world today.

Woody Vasulka is the creator of the interactive installation The Theater of Hybrid Automata, the interactive installation The Brotherhood - Table III. He participated in the book Book for the Electronic Arts. He is curator of the program The Evening of ... Woody Vasulka (2000). He is participant of the DEAF94 Exhibition (1994). He is author of the essay Time/energy object and its building element, the waveform.


The Steina and Woody Vasulka archives are at http://www.fondation-langlois.org/e/collection/vasulka/archives/

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