Open Sailing

"Open Sailing" (2009-) are a variety of open-source technologies to explore and study the oceans.

Open Sailing

Open Sailing

Open_Sailing is an international community trying to develop the International_Ocean_Station as an open-source project, developing hardware and software to enable intelligent human activities at sea.

The project Open_Sailing presented at V2_'s Test_Lab: What Crisis?!, resembles a floating architecture acting like an organism reacting and adjusting to its environment, and a laboratory for techno-social experiments: where it aims to be a new lifestyle for the post-disaster. Not an experiment in the playful way, but experiment in survival 'after' the cataclysm. Designed using DIY technologies, its 40m2s houses and feeds four inhabitants through plug-in units and energy-generating components. Open_Sailing is developed by a growing international team.

Part of the biotechnological research journey that informed Cesar Harada, and made the project all the more relevant, is a compiled map system that visualizes areas of looming crisis: overpopulation, tsunami risk, violent conflict, nuclear fallout, pandemics, global warming, etc.

Open_Sailing won the Sustainable Arts Award 2009.

As a collaborative project, different issues are being addressed by different labs:

LAB 1. Instinctive_Architecture : Architecture and design
LAB 2. Nomadic_Ecosystem : ecology, biology
LAB 3. Swarm_OS : computing and politics, navigation system, stock management
LAB 4. Energy_Animal : renewable energies
LAB 5. Life_Cable : engineering
LAB 6. OS_Polar : exploration
LAB 7. Ocean_Cookbook : nutrition
LAB 8. Open_Games : Social interactions


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