Xandra van der Eijk

Xandra van der Eijk

Xandra van der Eijk

Xandra van der Eijk (NL) is a tactile artist.

Xandra van der Eijk graduated from graphic design in 2008 by presenting a graphic score and an interactive performance. She decided to continue her research in image and sound as an ArtScientist and followed the program at the Interfaculty ArtScience in The Hague. Van der Eijk received the Paul Schuitema-prize and participated in many festivals and collaborations. Hosts include Hong Kong Business of Designweek, Theater Zeebelt, Theater de Brakke Grond and Scheltema Leiden.

At the Interfaculty ArtScience, Van der Eijk developed a fascination for analog, tactile work. Constantly driven by the idea of structure, every work contains contradiction between emotion/aesthetics and (generated) data-cycles or strict systems.

Her final work shows the process of decay and the human incapability to overcome it. It is a spacious, analog installation with a four-day cycle, guided by a very slow, continuous performance of assisting the installation in order for it to work, resulting in strong graphic, four meter long prints.

Xandra van der Eijk is presenting her installation Momentum in Test_Lab: The Graduation EditionJuly 14, 2011.


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