Xavier van Wersch

Xavier van Wersch; photo: Jan Sprij

Xavier van Wersch

Xavier van Wersch (NL) is a musician/electronic music expert.

Xavier van Wersch obtained a degree in Sonology at the Koninklijk Conservatorium (Royal Academy of Music) in The Hague after having first studied philosophy and visual arts. In addition to being a performer, instrument builder and maker of installations and tape pieces, Van Wersch has a fascination for unstable systems that seem to have an uncontrollable life of their own. Among other things, Van Wersch developed the scream box (a name referring to STEIM’s legendary kraakdoos (crackle box)) in an attempt to build a lively instrument that offers a more direct and more physical control over sound material than do traditional synthesizers. He also developed the ever expanding 220 volt network, an installation in which the audience, by walking on a surface, triggers an electric brain thereby activating all sorts of noisily operating devices. Under the name 'SzohrgÔr' Van Wersch (together with Dave Krooshof) is involved in creating electronic dance music. His tape composition Odysseia has been released as a CD by BV Haast Publishers.



bio: 2001

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