Yiannis Logothetis

Yiannis Logothetis is a queer interdisciplinary artivist and teacher.

Yiannis Logothetis is a queer interdisciplinary artivist and teacher with a focus on performance, dance improvisation and movement medicine.His base is New York although he is constantly on the move. His passion for learning multiple disciplines, meeting different cultures, celebrating the virtue of the body through the wisdom of music, dance and literature allows him to travel around the world observing, performing, creating, teaching and expanding his studies on qigong, contemplative action practices and decolonization. He is currently engaged in project-based works with American Modern Opera Company(AMOC), Corpo Maquina Society under Evangelos Biskas, and Yang Zhen Company. His recent and past artistic collaborations and studies include some prestigious contemporary artists such as Bobbi Jene Smith, Crystal Pite, Andrea Miller, Maxine Doyle, Daria Fain, Bonnie Cohen, Boaz Yakin, Elton John.

Following his dance degree from Marymount Manhattan College, he joined the cast of the award-winning production of Sleep No More NYC by Punchdrunk International. While still performing, creating, and sharing his collaborative works globally, his focus does not seem to disengage from a constant connection with self-healing work through qigong, somatics and antiracism studies, continuous exploration of his inner being dismantling anything that obstructs his creative and authentic self. His love for connecting people through dance and music, led him to co-find the Warrior Poets in 2017, a team of artists that creates and produces work seeking to connect people through live dance and music performances, parties, and workshops all around the world. Born in Seattle, Washington, raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, Yiannis’ professional dance training includes contemporary, hip hop, popping, house, ballet, modern, ballroom and standard dance, Greek folklore, contact improvisation, argentine tango and more. “When I connect with the polyrhythmic groove of nature, my essences are awakened; when awakened, the essences bring my prenatal and postnatal qi in harmony and my spirits can flow unrestrained; in such a state my mind is free from knowledge, and meditation becomes a way of being rather than doing.”

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