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Zhang Qing

Zhang Qing (CN) is a curator, writer and artist.

Zhang Qing is Artistic Director of the 6th Shanghai Biennale (Hyper Design), Deputy Director of the Shanghai Art Museum editor and editor of Art China. He has been a regular contributor to magazines including Art Monthly, Dushu, Avant-garde Today and Shanghai Culture since 1989, as well as editor-in-chief of the magazine Chinese Art of the 1990s.

In 2000, he was named one of the "best curators in China" by CCTV. His main curatorial roles include Curator of the exhibition The Art of Yan Peiming (Shanghai, 2005); Co-Curator for the 5th Shanghai Biennale(2004); Curator for Interpreting the Modern: The Collection Exhibition of Amsterdam Art Museum (Amsterdam, Shanghai, Singapore, 2003); Junction: Architectural Experiments in Chinese Contemporary Art (Shanghai, 2003); Red China: Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, (Gwangju, 2002); Co-Curator for City_Net Asia (Seoul, 2002); Curator for Cai Guoqiang (Shanghai, 2001); Curator for Expressions of Contemporary China (Singapore, 2001); and Co-Curator for the 3rd Shanghai Biennale (2000).


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