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Zhou Hongxiang

Zhou Hongxiang / 周弘湘 (CN) is a conceptual new media artist.

Zhou Hongxiang is one of the few artists that are dedicated chiefly to new media art, conception film, video art and photography in China's contemporary art scene. Born in the late 1960s, he tends to show serious intellectual reflection upon and deep concerns about the nation's history and reality, and its fate in the drastically changing modern context-which is very much like the sense responsibility that ancient Chinese literati would have. Most of his early video works are characterized by adept use of such devices as metaphors, parodies and juxtaposition, fragments and collage of political and historical symbols and his epic-like lines and staged performances show his ambition to blur the boundary between experimental theatre, poetry and video art.

Born in Dongtai, Jiangsu province, China, he graduated from East China Normal University. He currently teaches at Shanghai Normal University, and lives and works between Shanghai and New York.



The Red Flag Flies & Chinese Portrait by Zhou Hongxiang (DEAF07) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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