Artists, researchers, developers, curators, writers and their relations to V2_.

Felix Kubin

Felix Kubin (DE) is an audioartist.

Elizabeth Diller

Elizabeth Diller (US) is an architect, and part of Diller+Scofidio.

Ekkehard Ehlers

Ekkehard Ehlers (DE) is a electronic musician.

Dragan Zivadinov

Dragan Zivadinov (SI) is an artist.

Dorothea Franck

Dorothea Franck (AT/DE) is an artist and researcher.

Diana McCarty

Diana McCarty (US/HU) is a researcher.

Debra Solomon

Debra Solomon (US/NL) is an artist.

David Garcia

David Garcia (GB) is an artist and writer, who coined the term "tactical media."

David Blair

David Blair (US) is a filmmaker.

Dave Cliff

Dave Cliff (GB) is a computer scientist, focused on Evolutionary Robotics.

Daniela Plewe

Daniela Plewe (DE) is an artist.

Daniel Ockeloen

Daniël Ockeloen (NL) is a developer.


Daiphlux (BE) is a dj.

Cornee Jacobs

Cornée Jacobs (NL) is a philosopher.

Christine de Baan

Christine de Baan (NL) is a researcher.

Christian Moeller

Christian Möller (DE) is an artist and architect.

Carlos H. Betancourth

Carlos H. Betancourth (US/CO) is an architect, researcher and urban designer.

Ben Schouten

Ben Schouten (NL) is a researcher.

Arthur Ivens

Arthur Ivens (NL) is an artist.

Arthur Engelbert

Arthur Engelbert (DE) is a researcher.

Arnold Smeulders

Arnold Smeulders (NL) is a researcher on Multimedia Information Processing.

Anna Everett

Anna Everett (US) is a researcher and expert on African-American film and culture.

Walter van der Cruijsen

Walter van der Cruijsen (NL) is an artist an curator.

Victor Elberse

Victor Elberse (NL) is an artist.

Toni Dove

Toni Dove (US) is one of the pioneers of interactive cinema.

Francisco Navarrete Sitja

Francisco Navarrete Sitja is a Spanish artist doing a Summer Sessions residency at V2_ in 2018.

Susan Kozel

Susan Kozel (CA/GB) is a performer, choregrapher and writer.

Seiko Mikami

Seiko Mikami (1961–2015, US/JP) was a media artist and researcher.

Paul Perry

Paul Perry (CA/NL) is an artist.

Michael Hardt

Michael Hardt (US) is a theorist

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