Artists, researchers, developers, curators, writers and their relations to V2_.

Felicien Goguey

Félicien Goguey is a french media artist and interaction designer who lives and works in Geneva, ...

Miche O' Higgins

Miche O’Higgins (she/her) is a designer, performer and writer.

Francesco Luzzana

Francesco Luzzana is a digital media artist from Bergamo, Italy.

Giulia Fuel

Giulia Fuel is a video and installation artist based in Rotterdam.

Rachwill Breidel

Rachwill Breidel is a musician

Anais Borie

Anaïs Borie is a French designer.

Daniel Simu

Daniel Simu is an artist and a juggler.

Kexin Hao

Kexin Hao is a visual artist and designer born in Beijing and based in the Hague.

Dachen Bao

Dachen Bao is a visual artist, writer, and filmmaker based in Rotterdam and Chongqing, China.

Tessel Schmidt

Tessel Schmidt is a video artist who stages scenes from everyday life.

Sacha Dufils

Sacha Dufils is a photographer and visual researcher.

Geo Barcan

Geo Barcan (1997) is a Romanian visual artist and writer.

Elysa-James Kooijman

Elysa-James Kooijman works as a visual artist and writer/researcher, based in Rotterdam.

Ariela Bergman

Ariela Bergman is an audiovisual artist based in The Netherlands.

Martin Osowski

Martin Osowski (1998) is an artist, filmmaker, and writer with a background in Aerospace ...

Adele Gregoire

Adèle is a audiovisual artist from Brussels, Belgium.

Luca Tichelman

Luca Tichelman (1995) is a Dutch artist and filmmaker.

Kamali van Bochove

Kamali van Bochove is a filmmaker and photographer.


slvi.e is a researcher, writer and radio maker, interested in community-based approaches and ...

Alecio Ferrari

Alecio Ferrari, born in Milan, Italy in 1995, is a photographer.

Carla Chan

Carla Chan is a media artist.

Cocky Eek

Cocky Eek is a spatial artist/designer.

Cathy van Eck

Cathy van Eck (1979 Belgium/Netherlands) is a composer, sound artist, and researcher in the arts.

Alfonso Borragan

Alfonso Borragán is an artist.

Kat Austen

Kat Austen is an artist.

Theun Karelse

Theun Karelse is a transdiciplinary artist

Ines Tomasek

Ines Tomašek is a medical geologist and volcanologist

Aniara Rodado

Aniara Rodado is a choreographer, artist and researcher.

Aaron Parkhurst

Aaron Parkhurst is a senior lecturer in Medical and Biosocial Anthropology at University College ...

Javier Bertossi

Javier Bertossi is a Chilean writer and poet.

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