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Where to find the videos and photos of V2_?

V2_ has a considerable archive of video and photo material. Much of the most interesting video material from the recent and more distant past – going back all the way to 1981 – is accessible online through our V2_unstable Vimeo and Youtube-channels. These videos are usually embedded on the relevant pages of the V2_website as well. For instance, a video of Dick Raaijmaker's Intona from the early 1990s, can be found on the page about Intona.

Photo documentation of events and works is added to the relevant event and / or work-pages on this website.

There is however much more archival material. About 200 tapes from the history of V2_ have been digitized, but are only accessible from within V2_. There is also a physical archive of several hundreds of videotapes (in various formats) that are not digitized. Also by far not all the photos have been added to this website. If you are searching for specific documentation you're welcome to send an e-mail to arie[a]v2.nl. 

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