a borderless existence

‘a borderless existence' is a video work by Cem Altınöz.

a borderless existence is the result of Altınöz’s fascination with contamination and his personal interest in the concept of autoimmunity.

In a borderless existence Altınöz investigates the theories of medical autoimmunity which consider the body’s immune system to be making a distinction between ‘self-cells’ and ‘non self-cells’, defining the latter as dangerous. Being ‘immune to oneself’ translates as a self-destructive act where the self cannot identify itself and consequently destroys its own parts: cells ravage other cells as a result of a misidentification, a symbiotic relationship turns into a blitz on tissues and organs.

Altınöz appropriates the model of autoimmunity, the exemplary situation of erasing of borders between the self and its other, into an impure, genre-less moving image.

a borderless existence is the dematerialized offspring of Altınöz’s anti-portraiture practice. Emphasizing the relationship of a confused mind and a confused body, an uncanniness on a cellular level, the video displays an autoimmune selfhood’s endeavor to define itself through the images it creates.

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