a note on slippage

a note on slippage is a work by Vida Guzmic.

a note on slippage

Vida Guzmic next to A Note on Slippage. Photo: Gustavo Velho

Representation is always a reflection of reality. By choosing and focusing on a certain part of a process, we interpret one of endless possible meanings. Giving meaning to a fragment means constructing a concept that is a mirror image of an imaginary world.

In a note on slippage Vida Guzmic explores the space in between given meaning and presentation. The gap between those two – the imaginary world and the way it's presented – is used as a frame that is composed as a collision of different visual impacts. Facing images are giving different meanings and forms, questioning spaces between public and private, between dominant and unimportant gaze.

This project is produced as part of the Summer Sessions Network for Talent Development in a co-production of Metamedia Association and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media.

Summer Sessions 2016: Vida Guzmic from V2_ on Vimeo.

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