A Series of Reasonable Intentions

A Series of Reasonable Intentions is a work in progress by Koby Barhad. it is part of the exhibition Blueprints for the Unknown (2014).

A Series of Reasonable Intentions

Clockwise from top left: iGEM "Lego DNA synthesizer", "Bio-ink", 3d cells print, RepRap - self-replicating manufacturing machine.

Person of Reason brings together a collection of contemporary technologies, web facilities, trends and social aspirations to assemble what seems to be a biological representation of a Collective Intelligence — lets call it A ”Person of Reason”.

Scientist-Makers, Makers-Scientists, People Making and Making People.Open Source, Crowd Sourcing, Crowd Funding, DIY, Self-Manufacturing, On-Demand. Public Engagement, Shared Resources, Collectives, Communities, Initiatives. Outside the labs, In living-rooms, For any one.

This is the narrative of a cultural movement powered by technology, fueled with curiosity and lead by people who are once again regaining confidence to create, research, invent and imagine free of political and economic constraints. It is people pushing, improving and working for Autonomous! Learning to trust themselves, to trust humans, to develop global morality, responsibility and social maturity.

But this is also a rush toward an ideal — a race that at the same time nurtures and threatens the very same foundation on which it grows. Moral good intentions become moral disasters, when nature get infused with synthetic morality, run by a Collective intelligence. Human thoughts, Human actions introduce into a deeper level of the world — into existence, into being.

“Person Of Reason” is an invitation to take a break, stop and ask ourselves what we might, and what we want to gain from all of these?
Is it ethical to design an ethical world?
Are we looking for more people of reason, or more reasons to make people?

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