akaKURDISTAN (initiated 1998) is a website that collects stories and images about the Kurdish diaspora. It was part of the Engage.net exhibition.



akaKURDISTAN collects photographs and stories from members of the world-wide Kurdish diaspora, presents them online and initiates a process of communal remembrance. People are asked to submit historical photographs which can help to reconstruct the political and social history of the Kurds, and to contribute stories and information that they or their relatives may have about photographs that have been submitted by others.

The site is a repository and zone of reflexion for individual and the collective memories of people who have no country and who for centuries have experienced suppression and exile. akaKURDISTAN creates a plane for communication and exchange and provides hope by building and binding together all those loose, individual threads into a joint historical experience.

The WWW project akaKURDISTAN grew out of the book KURDISTAN: In the Shadow of History (Random House, 1997) which combines photographs and text to explore the past hundred years of Kurdish history.

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