B-hind (2020) is a work by Dani Ploeger.

B‒hind offers a unique Internet of Things (IoT) solution to fully integrate your sphincter muscle in everyday living. The revolutionary anal electrode-powered interface system replaces conventional hand and voice-based device interaction and enables advanced digital control rooted in the interiors of your body. Celebrating the abject and the grotesque, ‍B‒hind facilitates simple, plug-and-play access to a holistic body experience in the age of networked society.

B-hind was developed by Dani Ploeger in 2020. It is the result of his In4art Residency at V2_, in which he focused on creating a re-enactment of Stelarc's classic Amplified Body, that Stelarc performed at V2_ in 1994.


B-hind: intimate innovation by dani ploeger from Dani Ploeger on Vimeo.

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