Sound Hoodie

"Sound Hoodie" (2012) is an open design project by Karla Spiluttini and Piem Wirtz that features knitted speakers.

Sound Hoodie

betaKnit: sound hoodie

This project was part of the STS CRISP research residency. As part of the whole betaKnit research, the Sound Hoodie, a scarf with integrated speakers, evolved as a first 'protosample'. It serves as an example of what can be done with easily interchangeable open source patterns for punch cards or hand knitting.

The project also includes creation and interchangeability of knitting patterns using conductive threads, thereby creating soft textile electrical circuits.

Creating electrical high end components that are soft to the the tactile senses is leading to different kinds of applications and new design strategies. Circuits can become wearable, bendable, washable and fully integrated into garments or interior textiles.

more on the process here:


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