Bioscope #1

Bioscope #1 (2020) is an installation by André Sier, developed during a V2_+Museu Zer0 residency.

Bioscope #1 is a playful installation comprising a biological-augmentation electronic instrument and an immersive, cathartic audiovisual environment. It is a spatial game between humans and nonhumans. A place for experiential meditative inquiry into the bioelectronic realms of life on earth. A space-shifting submersion ambient, transporting humans into a bio-gameplay experience, petri dish-sized, with an interactive video game floor and space-altering mechanized laser projection through biological lenses.

Keywords: bioelectronic environment, interactive electronic art, human/nonhuman video game, interactive video floor, biological laser projector, nonhuman/human immersion, space-shifting immersive ambient.

Bioscope #1 is part of V2_’s +MUSEU ZER0 RESIDENCY program, which challenged artists to critically reflect on the relations between humankind, territory and environment through the use of digital art forms.

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