"Bosnia" (1998) is a hypermedia photo-essay by Gilles Peress.


Gilles Peress: Bosnia

The French photo journalist Gilles Peress went to Sarajevo in 1995 and later arranged the photographs that he brought back in this hypermedia photo-essay, Bosnia: Uncertain Paths to Peace, which was made available on the Internet site of the commissioning newspaper, the New York Times. The photographs are arranged in a variety of different interlinked stories and can be perused by the Internet user, creating a richly layered visual narrative about the situation in Sarajevo at the end of the siege.

Connected to this photo-essay were online discussion forums in which visitors could comment and discuss the photographs and their theme, and an extensive collection of resources that helped to provide an historical and geographical context for the images. Peress' project thus realised a complexity of content, and a communicative quality, which a regular printed photo-essay in the newspaper would not have been able to achieve.


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