BuBL.Space (2003) is an art project by Arthur Elsenaar and Taco Stolk, which addresses the issue of mobile phone use and privacy in public space.


BuBL device

"Do you need a break from the daily mobile soap? Surround yourself with soothing space. Simply press your pocket-size BuBL device. Release a bubble of silence. You'll feel pleasantly isolated inside, even in a crowded place. Evaporate all phone signals up to three meters around. Enjoy the silence."

Christel Vester's wrote about BuBL.Space in Privacy under Attack!: "Dutch artists Taco Stolk and Arthur Elsenaar are seriously irritated by the use of mobile phones in public areas. They are really not interested in overhearing your argument with your boyfriend and so on. In order to protect themselves from this unwanted interference into their private domain, they invented the BuBL Space. This device disconnects all mobile phone frequencies within a three-meter radius by jamming the frequencies. With Bubl Space you can create your own bubble of silence, re-establishing a 'private sphere'."

BuBL.Space was presented at DEAF03.

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