C-DER is a work by Ivan Henriques.

The C-DER operates as a swarm and has a dual function. In one hand it is capable of changing gases with the environment through micro-algae photosynthesis, and on the other hand it seeds the ground of endangered environments on Earth to help the atmosphere and possibly create an atmosphere in another planet via the seeding system and photosynthesis.

From: https://ivanhenriques.com/works/c-der/

C-DER was developed in collaboration with scientists Raoul Frese, Sandrine D’Haene, Granit Domgjoni – Biophysics department from VU Amsterdam, scientitsts Korneel Rabaey, Amanda Luther and Jan Arends from UGhent – CMET, hardware software designer Andjela Tomic, assistants Gabriel Ayres, Emiel Giliamse and Sjoerd Legue, engineer Leydervan Xavier – CEFET/RJ, Bernard Foing and Agata Maria Kokodziejcyk – Space Garden/European Space Agency.

C-DER had the support from Mondriaan Fonds, NWO Creative Industrie, VU Amsterdam and Flemish Ministry of Culture, co-produced by GLUON.

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