Coin Flipper & The Buttons

The projects "Coin Flipper" and "The Buttons" by Dot Mancando are mechanical devices which investigate randomness vs control.

Coin Flipper & The Buttons

Coin Flipper:09

The Buttons is a range of conceptual controlling mechanisms. A button stands for control, a clean and - seemingly - unobtrusive way to modify 'reality' to our heart's desire: let it be light, turn it off.. an extension of the human desire to harness the planet. Since the planet is proving difficult for humans to rule, the artist ponders on changing the buttons to 'inter-control' between the planet and human beings. This would mean: sharing resources (asking permission to use resources), I’m watching you (restraint or temptation?), consequences (fragility of the environment), does scale matter?footprint indicator (feeling the consequences), weighted waiting (users’ efficiency (time) vs. planet’s efficiency (energy)), limited resources (constraint or discipline?).


Similar, Coin Flipper are a series of devices that question the motivation and rationale behind randomness, and the motivation for such. With differing accuracy, these mechanical devices are part physics part intentional (or hopeful) belief.



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