Courgette Flowers

'Courgette Flowers' (2021) is a short video piece by Susanna Fasciolo.

Courgette Flowers (2021) is part of a larger research project about women’s labour in contemporary Italy, 'The most essential work', which started at the end of 2019. In the video we hear and read four voices telling bits of their stories: these are workers, women, sometimes mothers, and often constant carers inside and outside the domestic walls. They are often underpaid and underappreciated, and yet they do that kind of work we could not live without. The first step were the phone interviews, initially collected as primary research and not as an element that would feed into a final video piece. Then, while engaging with academic and critical research, I started experimenting on how to depict domestic and emotional work. Later on, while staying in a locked-down Italy, I found myself contemplating the only outside view I had: laundry peacefully hanging from neighbours' balconies. Courgette Flowers is the sum of personal stories, countless rewrites, and trying to adapt to the circumstances.

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