Culturecab (or Culture Cab) is an extension of Plone. It is a CMS developed by V2_, specifically to run websites of smaller cultural organizations which also keep an archive of their activities.


Culturecab website

In 2008, V2_Institute for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam) and de Balie (Amsterdam) started with the development of what finally became Culture Cab. The organizations where trusted to produce an online digital platform for the culture sector in order to open up collections and archives for the Internet. V2_ and de Balie received the necessary funding from Digital Heritage Netherlands (DEN) – the Dutch national ICT knowledge center for cultural heritage – that is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science. Culture Cab can be used by all organizations in the culture sector and is fits to the quality standards of digital heritage as posed by DEN.

Culture Cab is an extension of the world wide famous CMS Plone.

Much of the work was done by Rui Guerra (software development), assisted by David Jonas.

Zipfiles of the software can still be downloaded here.

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