Decomposing Landscapes

Decomposing Landscapes (2020) is an Augmented Reality research by Noemi Biro, developed during a Summer Sessions residency in 2020.

Decomposing Landscapes lets the user mess with the places it visits. Attention in the public realm can be pretty scattered. From zooming in into weird details that one finds fascinating to zooming out to an overall image of the street, each perspective is different. Or is it? What do you notice that I don’t? How will you remember the public spaces of 2020?

Decomposing landscapes invites users to bring a playful attention to a space that has been doomed unsafe. With a handheld device a participant can slow down and re-establish a relationship with walls, buildings, cracks and lampposts. Whatever sparks the attention can be grabbed from the reality and recomposed for the next user. The platform itself is an ever changing and evolving entity that feeds itself from the content of its participants. It serves as an archive of the public space of 2020 and as a reminder to not lose connection with it.

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