Dialogue With The Knowbotic South

This work (1994-1997) by Knowbotic Research, is a project on strategies for a changing view on nature concepts by enabling contact with scientific research stations on Antarctica from the V2_ exhibition room through a direct Internet connection.

Dialogue With The Knowbotic South

during Wiretap 1.05; photo: Jan Sprij

The audience will be able to contact existing scientific research stations on Antarctica from the V2 exposition room through a direct Internet connection. These telephone connections will be visualized through a minute monitor in the exposition room. In the same room, a computer graphic representing Antarctica will be projected. The audience will be able to retrieve information through the telephone connection and this information will change the arctic 'image'. Thus, the image the audience will get of Antarctica will be largely dependent on, and constructed from the - in this case scientific - information from Internet.

Our image of nature is largely based on (scientific) information that we collect and which constantly changes in content. The current dynamic information systems we use are connected to a dynamic worldview. These dynamics and the interaction between information and image of reality are central to Knowbotic Research's pieces. These use a 'private eye', consisting of a pair of glasses with a built-in monitor, a large computer graphics projection and two Silicon Graphics computers, made available by SGI Nederland.

Departing from the paintings of the Antwerp painter Jan van Kessel (1672), under the heading of 'Room of arts and miracles' in which the cultural knowledge of the world was presented as a series of mannerist paintings, Kr+CF presents a computer model (knowledge model) about Antarctica which has the following origins:
- the unrepressable expansion of virtual information spaces to shape the complex information processing through networks.
- the immaterial visualization of the (scientific) topics involving Antarctica can only gain meaning when related to those matters on and off Antarctica that they concern.
- contrary to the 16th and 17th century 'Wunderkammer', where static objects and descriptions had to give an impression of reality, nowadays, dynamic systems are used to visualize continually changing processes in a model.



Nederlands / Dutch text

De installatie Dialogue with the Knowbotic South is een computernetwerk project dat zich richt op de presentatie en vorming van kennis in dergelijke netwerken en met de vertaling van deze kennis in zintuigelijke ervaringen.

Dialogue with the Knowbotic South van Knowbotic Research + cF gaat uit van de schilderijen van de Antwerpse schilder Jan van Kessel (1672), onder de noemer "Kamer van de kunst en wonderen" waarin de culturele kennis over de wereld werd gepresenteerd in een reeks maniéristische schilderijen. Kr+cF presenteert een computermodel (kennismodel) over Antarctica waarbij virtuele informatieruimten en dynamische systemen (om verandering toe te laten) een belangrijke rol hebben.


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