DIS_TURBATION (2020) is a work by Francisca Rocha Gonçalves, developed during a V2_Museu Zer0 residency.

DIS_turbation is a place for tunnelling into the impact that anthropogenic noise has on marine life, eventually making the audience feel the disturbances. It is a haptic structure that creates a sense of touch through a vibrational environment and a visual interpretation of light and water disturbed by the vibrations. DIS_turbation investigates the challenges benthic species might encounter as a result of anthropogenic interference on the seabed. These species are responsible for a process called bioturbation, in which they stir up the sediment; this process is ecologically important because of its influence on nutrient recycling.

Keywords: anthropogenic noise, bioturbation, particle acceleration, vibration, haptic systems, immersive experience, light reflections, microscopic organisms.

DIS_turbation is part of V2_’s +MUSEU ZER0 RESIDENCY program, which challenged artists to critically reflect on the relations between humankind, territory and environment through the use of digital art forms.


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