Does the Sun Shine in Argentina?

Does the Sun Shine in Argentina? (2022) is CGI musical biopic by Ariela Bergman.

Does the Sun Shine in Argentina? Is a CGI musical biopic based on the eighty-one letters my aunt penned to my mother and grandmother from abroad over a thirty-year period.  After my aunt's death, my mother told me she had a box containing her sister’s correspondences that she sent after she emigrated. That is how I got access to the letters that told the tale of her life. As a teenager she fled her homeland without her mother’s consent, claiming to never have been understood by her own family. After an adventurous early life, she settled in France. But she never stopped writing and caring about her homeland. There is a tension bubbling within her writing. It becomes evident that despite her best efforts, she never felt acknowledged as the free, independent woman she believed herself to be. Does the Sun Shine in Argentina? creates a place for Cristina’s histrionic voice. I am using CGI to convey the bombastic, world Cristina fabricated for herself. I am creating surrealist spaces inspired by elements found in the letters. The audience will undergo a subjective trip through her mental realm, experiencing a speculative version of Cristina’s own dreams and nightmares.

The journey begins in the late 1960s, with an enthusiastic eighteen-year-old Cristina and follows her to the early 90s with a disappointed middle-aged divorcee planning her possible repatriation to Argentina. 


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