Driving through Las Vegas

"Driving through Las Vegas," a 3D road trip by Thomson & Craighead.

Driving through Las Vegas

Thomson & Craighead: Driving through Las Vegas

Choose your own soundtrack by using a patch panel and a headphone, while cruising the main strip of Las Vegas. Part road movie, part 3D driving game. DIY cinema for devotees.

A single large scale projection of a daytime drive through the main Strip in Las Vegas provides the basis for this simple user-led work. Over the course of what appears to be an endless high speed drive downtown, user/viewers are able to variously soundtrack this 'movie' in which a camera was placed on the front of a large white Buick that fleetingly recorded the passing casinos, roller coasters and re-creations of world landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Manhattan skyline or an Egyptian Pyramid.

Part road movie and part 3D driving game, gallery visitors are able to use headphones to plug into a grid of jack sockets built into the monolithic plinth placed squarely infront of the projection.  Each socket is a gateway to a possible soundtrack for these pictures-soundtracks that we pipe into the space by a whole variety of means.  Live network-radio connections  (including Las Vegas FM),  juke-box style music picks and more amorphous sound works will all figure in this soundtracking device, reminiscent in part of an old telephone exchange.

A mixture of appropriated, manipulated and home made music that utterly  transforms the ways in which the self same movie seems to function for us.


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