Engage.net Furniture Sculpture

An installation by Victor Elberse that housed the different projects presented during the engage.net exhibition.

Engage.net Furniture Sculpture

computer furniture

computer furniture: a sculpture, furniture and a illumination for a series of light objects designed for the V2_ Photo biennale 2000 in Rotterdam.

The Rotterdam based artist Victor Elberse has developed a furniture sculpture for the presentation of the V2_Project "engage.net" at the Photo Biennial Rotterdam. In this sculpture the audience can visit the different projects within "engage.net" on the world wide web.


Table and chairs; roofing insulation plates 2x1.50x1.50m

Light objects: plastic FA-shampoo-caps, aluminum 150x50 cm

Bunker-Sculpture: duplex cardboard 200x100x50 cm, 2000

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