Entangling Territories

Entangling Territories (2020) is an immersive interactive installation by Jelger Kroese, developed during a V2_+Museu Zer0 residency.

Fascinated by recent scientific insight into animal migration, Jelger Kroese seeks to question the human perspective on territory, frontiers and possession.

In his immersive interactive installation, the public is able to interact with research data on animal movements from the Movebank database. The paths of constantly moving animals, spanning countries and hemispheres, are represented on a touchscreen by delicate threads that produce sounds and vibrations when touched. Visitors are challenged to explore the entangled nature of the animals’ habitats and the consequences of preventing their free movement.

For visitors to the exhibition in Tavira, it will be especially interesting to discover the migratory behaviors of species passing through the local region as they interact with the work.

Entangling Territories (2020) is part of V2_’s +MUSEU ZER0 RESIDENCY program, which challenged artists to critically reflect on the relations between humankind, territory and environment through the use of digital art forms.
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