Evanescent is a work by Jeanine Verloop

In a world in which technology is increasingly driven by invisible algorithms, and the devices that surround us increasingly have the same tablet shape, Verloop is looking for a counterpart. She wants to create machines that look radically different, showing a glimpse of what our environment could be when we embrace the idea that technology is more than something useful and efficient. Not only a tool but a goal on its own, constantly evolving and just as vulnerable as ourselves.


This is the first work in a series of glass wall sculptures called ‘Evanescent’. With this series, the artist wants to experiment with different shapes and movements that explore the boundaries within which the glass apparatus can exist and continue to function. The title ‘Evanescent’ suggests a temporary forms that embraces fragility.

Evanescent #1 consists of 6 deformed glass blown gears filled with different red pigmented ecoline. The gears are driven by two glass chains and two stepper motors. The sculpture is mounted to a wall plate by means of a glass frame, which is attached to the wall at an angle of approximately 15 degrees. On the floor below the wall sculpture is a semicircle that forms the canvas for the ecoline.


The sculptures show a glimpse of our environment in which our devices look radically different. Not just a tool, but an end in itself, constantly evolving and just as vulnerable to us as we are to them. “I don’t see people and technology as two separate entities, but as two parts of a whole. While we determine what technology will become, technology will determine how we will be human and how we experience the world.”

The machine seems to self-destruct, powered by a stepper motor, the glass parts threaten to get stuck in twisted shapes. When elements or gears jump, the machine cannot solve these vulnerabilities on its own. In itself it is helpless, vulnerability is inherent in the work. When it breaks, ink is released, which is collected on the round wooden surface on which the construction is attached. This ‘imprint’ of the deconstruction, unlike the device, will be permanent.

Like Symbiote, the wall sculptures are a deconstructive performance. During exhibitions, the works will slowly decay until they may no longer work. Exchange and co-evolution are an essential part of the work. As an assistant, the artist will be present at regular intervals to repair the work where necessary.

This project was developed as part of the Summer Sessions Network for Talent Development program made possible by V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media and was first presented at ARS Electronica 2022 (Linz, Austria) as part of the Rotterdam Garden Exhibition.

[Materials] Borosilicate glass, wooden frame, metal nuts and bolts, polylactic acid (PLA), 2 NEMA 23 Stepper Motor, 2 TB6600 Stepper Driver, Arduino Uno, ecoline.

[dimensions] 115 x 115 x 60 cm, ⌀ 115 cm.

Photo: Florian Voggeneder


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