Evolving Spark Network

'Evolving Spark Network' (2010) is a sound and light installation by Edwin van der Heide.

Evolving Spark Network

Edwin van der Heide: 'Evolving Spark Network'

The installation Evolving Spark Network consists of a grid of electric spark bridges that traverses the whole exhibition space. Together the bridges form a plane with a height of about 3 meters above the floor. The sparks are a metaphor for the electrical impulses by which our nerves communicate information. Just like neurons that form networks in our body, the spark bridges also form an interconnected network. There is no hierarchical process that determines the patterns of the cells but they are the result from relationships between the individual cells of the network.

The movements of the visitors in the installation are being detected by means of radio frequent movement detection sensors and used as input for the network. The visitors activate the network and are being invited for a spatial dialog with the network. The behavior of the spark bridges is a form of artificial life with the physical world as input. The installation therefore represents a form of interaction with artificial life.

Evolving Spark Network is a sound and light installation. The sparks produce both sound and light. The generated patterns have a distinct visual and a distinct sounding quality. The use of sound makes it possible to perceive the space as a whole. With our eyes we’re always focusing on something (while not focusing on the rest) but with our ears we always listen around us. With sound we can hear movements that for example come from behind us, travel over us and move in front of us.

In this installation the electric spark represents beauty, purity and simplicity. A spark is one of the most elementary forms of light generation. The arc lamp is an example of this. The impulse that is being produced is the shortest imaginable sound. Composing with these impulses can be seen as one of the most fundamental forms of composition in time and space.

(Text from: www.evdh.net/evolving_spark_network/)

The technology for Evolving Spark Network was developed in 2010 by Simon de Bakker and Stan Wannet of V2_ om cooperation with Edwin van der Heide.



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