Field of Connection

Field of Connection (2020) is an interactieve installation by Nino Gontcharova, developed during a Summer Sessions residency.

It has become more clear than ever that we as humans are intertwined. What is happening on the other side of the world has an effect on us. We shape the world with our presence, and whether we are aware of it or not, we have an impact on others.

Field of Connection is an interactive installation that uses the natural phenomenon of the interference pattern as a symbol for  interhuman connection. The interference pattern is the result of two or more waves interfering with each other, this idea is used as a metaphor for the interaction and interference 0f energy emitted by humans. When the waves meet they merge together to form a hypnotizing whole. Through the installation you can experience how you yourself send ripples into the world which in turn reach other people and form new patterns. In making this visible you can become more aware of your influence on other humans and your impact on the world. What do you want your impact to be?

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