Paper Roll Carpet

'Paper Roll Carpet' (2020) is a floor filling installation by We Make Carpets, made from rolls of coloured A4 paper.

We Make Carpets creates a floor filling installation out of rolls of coloured A4 paper. An unusual amount of care is put into the material by rolling every single sheet by hand. Paper rarely receives that kind of care and attention. The work itself will urge the visitor to mind their step, for one will notice every single piece stands loose leaning only on its own edges and is held into place by its neighbour.
Approximately 25.000 sheets will be used to create the three dimensional work referencing V2_'s internal structure which is supported by heavy round beams. The pillar or column is a traditional metaphor for care and protection. An elementary geometric shape that hold the roofs over our heads and protects us from outside elements.


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